Selling Your Home with Wendy

I absolutely love helping buyers, but I have to say that getting a home ready for sale and putting together a custom marketing plan based on the home’s best attributes to get it sold is my favorite thing I do.  I am very hands-on and will do what needs to be done to get your home sold for top dollar! Here are a few features of my home listing program:

Focus on getting your home to shine – Some homes may be ready to put on the market with a minimum of work, but others need a little polish to be market-ready. With your budget and timeline in mind, I will work with you on a plan to make your home shine to achieve your home-selling goals.

Professional Photography – These days, professional photography is no longer an extra – it is a necessity to get online buyers interested in your home. My photographer pulls out the stops to help your home get noticed. If your home is a good candidate for drone photography I will include that as well.

Video – There is nothing like video to motivate today’s buyers. If your property will benefit from video, I will create one that makes your home stand out.

Online Marketing – Home buyers are searching on sites such as Zillow, Redfin, and others. Your home will show up not only on these sites but also any real estate company search site and dozens and dozens of additional home search sites across the country and across the globe.

Social Media – I enlist the help of Facebook to spread the word about your home, promoting and sharing when the home is available for a tour as well as open houses.

Open Houses – Open houses are a strong part of my listing strategy.

Broker to Broker Marketing – In addition to marketing your home among the brokers in my office (we are highly-supportive of each other) I make sure each broker in the area can learn about your listing and determine if it is a good fit for their buyers.

Print Marketing – Having a strong print marketing campaign for the property is also very important. I create materials such as special feature cards, flyers, postcards, and additional property marketing that I keep in the home.

Communication and Collaboration – We are partners in getting your home sold. I will make sure I communicate with you and keep you updated on the marketing that I am doing as well as the response, traffic, and feedback from buyers and their brokers so we can work together to adjust our strategy as needed to get your home sold.

Some sellers want to hand me the keys and have me take care of everything while others like to be very involved in the process. Wherever you stand in that spectrum, I will work hard on your behalf and work towards your homeselling goals.

I want more information on selling a home!

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